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Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Our Hosting solutions enjoy the REPUTATION OF BEING THE BULWARK OF A GREAT WEBSITE. We help with the fortress that ensures your website is available to all and secure every second of the time.

The performance of your website is dependent on its foundation. Downtime lags and unresponsive websites can lead to boredom on the part of the customer, and hence you can associate the urgency with which you should give the server its due importance. Hosting might not be the fashionable element of your business but holds utmost importance when you want to give your website a fighting chance.

Hosting is that protected warehouse that holds your business's details virtually. Without this, it would be impossible for a visitor to connect to your website. An e-commerce company would lose a buyer instantly when they cannot view merchandise images properly. A payment website would not be able to proceed with the payment transaction with server fault. A customer would move to a competitor's website when they get a blank page on a data-based website.

Therefore it is important to get secured hosting services and save yourself from the trouble of facing angry customers abandoning your website. The mechanical speed of a server can help your business perform with perfection at the front end. Interactive Bees understands this need and has the infrastructure for a small as well as a big organization. We provide secure servers that work round the clock with precision without any threat of a blackout or technical glitch. These servers are monitored round the clock so that we take corrective steps proactively without causing a single minute of responsiveness at the last mile of connectivity.

Our hosting solutions include


Shared hosting services are perfect for a business that wants economical hosting services yet does not want to compromise on productivity. Shared hosting provides a sacred space on a shared server and makes sure that it sits on a secure fortress. Your web information does not face any interference from the neighbor on the same server. It is secured, firewalled, and still does not need management concerns at your end.


Dedicated hosting service is fast, reliable, and completely available at your discretion. When you do not want to share server space and want complete control of server management, you can hire dedicated service on our world-class service that keeps your data safe and secure. Dedicated hosting can be used for managing unlimited websites, giving you control of its operating system and hardware.


Virtual hosting services provide the flexibility of hosting multiple domain names on a single or pool of servers. Since it is shared hosting, the costs are shared by several websites. You do not have to deal with server administration and can manage your website from a personal control panel. You do not need exceptional technical expertise to manage the admin and can save costs dramatically.