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About Us

DigiBC India Pvt. Ltd. is a Business Consultancy Firm providing complete solution cycle for clients’ requirements. Our strengths lie in understanding business needs of the customer and translating them into a vision for the system which help achieve desired objectives. We have developed and perfected our own methodology using tools developed in-house and sound concepts aimed at defect prevention and detection rather than mere defect correction.

We use our technical and functional competency to develop such systems which go beyond simple automation which help companies to enforce controls and improve customer satisfaction in a defined time period. We have extensive experience in areas of business applications for several companies. We have worked for various corporations with different types of business requirements.

We, at DigiBC India Pvt. Ltd., are;

Technology-oriented: We believe that the latest technology is necessary to meet the requirements of each project and enhance quality and productivity. We practice an assiduous analysis procedure in order to provide a mechanism with a perfect blend of latest tools and procedures for your business.

Customer-oriented: We aim at the utmost customer satisfaction. Our commitment extends to implementation and maintenance of systems. It works in tandem with the client; and at the end of the assignment we ensure that the required services and products get delivered to the client.

Quality-conscious: We believe that quality and productivity are inseparable and that they are to be emphasized and adhered to by all our team members. We believe that high quality deliverables can only be achieved if formal procedures and processes are defined and followed in various tasks. Significant work on the project commences only after reaching an agreement with the client on the process to be followed, and confirmed that it works effectively. Our company provides a variety of consulting and planning services that help small and medium businesses across India to fortify.